Our Background

The mission of Petsch Respiratory Services is to provide quality home respiratory services in the patient’s home setting where the patient can relax, breathe easier and continue to enjoy life.

Our mission

Our Staff

We are located at 3845 Martinez Blvd just a few yards from the intersection of Old Evans Road and Martinez Blvd.

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We currently have 25 employees.

These quality employees are what makes Petsch Respiratory Services the BEST DME company in the CSRA.

David Petsch and Janice Petsch, RN    -  Founders

Chad McCrickard   -   General Manager

Barbara Hanley, Tamara McCrickard, Baylor Hanley Jeremy Foster - Coordinators
Barbara Hanley, Brenda Stafford, Tim Drake, Machelle Rivers, Lindsay Smith, Heather Manahan  -  Respiratory Therapists
Charlie Henderson, Tom Lewis, Trey McCrickard - Delivery

Edward McCrickard -  Warehouse
Angie Heath, Lisa Bradley, Jeremy Foster,  Amy Parker, Rosa Ivey, Tamara McCrickard, Carson McCrickard,  Blaine Marshall, Zach Hubble, Aprille Foster, Jennifer Clark, Cayley Weathers, Will Sapp  - Office Staff

Our Location

David has an extensive background in the HME industry that started in 1986.

Janice has been a Registered Nurse since 1970.

In 2000, David & Janice Petsch decided to start Petsch Respiratory Services, together they incorporated quality patient care with quality employees and quality products.